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eSign is an online service from the Certifying Authority where Electronic Signature is issued using e-Kyc based authentication as per the guidelines of IT Act. Application Service Provider can integrate eSign through API with their application and enable their eSign users to digitally sign a document. The e-kyc authentication provides fast and efficient method to use legally valid digital signature to sign documents via online application.

Authentication and Access solutions

Organizations are rapidly adopting multi factor authentication as a top security protocol to access their critical business applications. Our Multi Factor Authentication solutions allow institutional users to choose from wide range of authenticators in line with global security standards. Its centralized management tool helps manage the life cycle of authentication for users and manage the integrating applications.

Data Encryption Solutions

We help organizations store data securely with a strong control of data ownership on any type of cloud (hybrid, private or public) or on-prem storage or even on third party application servers. Our Data encryption solution includes the most secured HSM store the encryption keys with Enterprise Key Management Solution and manage the life cycle of the key and encryption process.

Data Encryption Solution is important to protect sensitive data like defence, financial, PII, Patient data etc. from hacking, misuse, identity and financial abuse, ransomware attack etc. Encryption or Tokenization is mandatory to protect critical data across industry verticals for many compliances like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, UIDAI, Data Privacy Act etc.