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Incorporated in 2021, Care4Sign Safetec Limited is committed to the vision of augmenting and innovating Digital Identity and Trust Solutions. Robust and seamless process flow is the key to our Digital Signature and E-Sign services; our motto is to remain agile to the ever-changing landscape of IT security and application and provide our customers with world class solutions in a seamlessly automated manner.


We provide highly sensitive ‘Identity security’ and ‘authentication solutions’ that enable organisations to enhance the security of Identity and Digital access. Based on the robust fundamentals of PKI technology, our best-in-class HSM and Key Management Solutions are most comprehensive in nature and they manage the whole spectrum of data security – from simple to most complex digital signing and data-at-rest encryption.

What is Digital Signature Certificate ?


Digital signature—a type of electronic signature—is a mathematical algorithm routinely used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message. It is an electronic file, issued by an accredited Certification Authority, that typically contains identification information about the holder, including the person’s public key embedded with the licensing authority’s digital certification, so that not only that the recipient can rely upon the authenticity of the document, but get the same verified from the authority should need arises.

A Digital Certificate allows a person and/or an organization to exchange data securely over the Internet using the public key infrastructure (PKI). Digital certificates are issued by certification authorities. DSC in India are used for e-filling, e-Tendering, e-Governance in most of the Govt departments like Income Tax, MCA, GST, ICEGate, DGFT, eProcurement, e-Ticketing, EPFO, IPR, CBSE, AICTE, IREPS, Banks, IRCTC, Gram Panchayat, eCourt , eOffice etc. The scope and the application areas of Digital Certificates is expanding continuously.

Benefits of Using a Digital Certificate

Identification / Authentication

The persons/entities with whom we are communicating are really who they say they are.


The information within the message or transaction is not tampered with accidentally or deliberately en-route without all parties involved being aware of the tampering.


The information within the message or transaction is kept confidential. It may only be read and understood by the intended sender and receiver.


The sender cannot deny sending the message or transaction, and the receiver cannot deny receiving it.